How to Hire the Best US Talent from the EU (and Vice Versa) to Optimize Your Global Regulatory Submissions

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6 Steps to Develop a Global Hiring Strategy

You need to optimize your global regulatory submissions and hire the best talent from thousands of miles away. How do you develop a hiring strategy that ensures you do this?

Here are the six steps you must take to make sure that you locate, connect with, and hire the talent you need.

1.    Create a Strategic Plan

Planning is the key to successful hiring, especially when you are putting together global capability in regulatory affairs. You should identify your goals and the skills gaps you need to close. With this knowledge you will be better placed to identify the talent you need to hire.

For regulatory submissions, you should hire people who have a deep understanding and extensive experience with the regulatory bodies they will be submitting to. The best people are likely to be those who have existing relationships with their respective regulatory bodies.

You should also ensure that you detail what duties your hires will be performing and the time you expect them to spend on them.

2.    Understand Regional Job Markets

Before you rush to hire, you must understand regional job markets. In the EU, for example, while there is an overarching employment framework of employment rights, each country has its own employment laws.

Each country has its own hiring protocols, minimum wages, vacation days, and so on. And different countries in Europe have different cultures and different standards of qualifications. A minefield? It certainly is – and you won’t want to break any laws.

3.    Develop Your Employee Branding

To attract the top talent, you must be attractive as an employer. You’ll need to build your brand name abroad and design compensation packages that appeal to potential candidates – and what appeals to a talented regulatory professional in one country could be quite different to a professional in another country.

4.    Decide on Your Outreach Strategy

Just as every country has different hiring protocols and employment laws, and candidates have different desires for their compensation packages, you’ll find that your outreach strategy will need to be modified in each country.

Candidates may employ different methods to access job opportunities. These may include working with staffing agencies, applying to jobs boards, or depending on their network and referrals. You may need to develop a presence on social media to develop your own networks in your target markets.

5.    Develop a Fit-For-Purpose Hiring Process

You will now need to develop a hiring process that allows you to locate and hire the best candidates. You will need to:

  • Compose comprehensive job descriptions
  • Screen applications, resumes, and candidate backgrounds
  • Conduct screening interviews
  • Design interview questions that test the candidate’s abilities and skills
  • Ensure that your hiring process complies with the country’s laws

Following these steps should help ensure that you hire the best candidate available to you, whether you are in the United States and hiring from the EU or vice versa.

6.    Keep Your Hiring Strategy Under Review

The final step in developing a global hiring strategy is to make certain that you keep it under constant review. Not only will your needs change, but you must adapt to regulatory updates, and changes in laws and hiring preferences in the countries that you are hiring from.

Avoid the Aggravation of Hiring for Global Regulatory Submissions

Executing a global hiring strategy successfully does not happen overnight. Some companies spend years trying to develop their processes, but consistently miss out on the best talent. Not only are you competing against local employers, but you are also competing against the biggest names in the global pharmaceutical sector. It’s tough.

At Catalyst Life Sciences, we work with companies to ensure they reach the talent they need, where they need it, and when they need it. We provide a range of hiring and consulting solutions, taking the strain out of your global hiring strategy. Our teams in Europe and the USA are specialists in their fields.

To find out how we can help you access the US talent you need from the EU, and vice versa, contact Catalyst Life Sciences today.