Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson reached out to us to help source a Senior Quality Manager at one of their medical device sites. Despite being a key role for their business, our client struggled to find a suitable replacement for the departing role holder and the vacancy had remained unfilled for a number of months.


The rural site location in Switzerland had presented challenges when trying to source candidates within a certain radius and the necessary expertise. They were seeking a highly qualified and skilled individual with strong leadership abilities. As the role was within the power tools department, the ideal candidate needed to have vast knowledge of Orthopaedic medical devices and experience within electromechanical devices.



The hiring manager was based in the U.S. whereas the role itself was in Switzerland, which required us to liaise with both parties in different time zones. We sourced a number of candidates by reaching out to our network and headhunting professionals who worked in the industry in similar roles. Multiple assessment conversations were had with each candidate to ensure we were presenting the client with the most suitable profiles.

Following the interview process, our client was keen to move forward with one candidate in particular who had the desired technical background and extensive experience working with Orthopaedic medical devices. This candidate communicated they had other ongoing processes at the same time, all in varying timelines. Accepting the offer for this role meant the candidate had to travel further due to the remote location.



We successfully negotiated a flexible working plan for the candidate which they accepted and proceeded to drop out of all other processes. Following the candidate’s enrolment, the client has expressed they are delighted with the placement and how much value the candidate has added to the team. On the back of this placement, we have built a solid relationship with the client and have since been working with them regularly.

They understood our business and the role brief perfectly. We are happy with the results.

Name: Hiring Manager

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