Our long-standing client, Biorad, reached out to us to help source diagnostic consultants to help meet contract requirements in the clinical space. This was a result of new regulations being introduced requiring all product information to be updated.


These regulations meant multiple consultants needed to be involved in the process, all needing proven experience in IVDR.

The difficulty with this situation was that as the regulations were recently implemented, it was difficult to find multiple people with the specific, specialised skills needed to comply with them.



Despite the challenges in looking for such a niche skill set, we were able to source several qualified candidates for the vacant roles by using a combination of headhunting and LinkedIn advertisement. After an extensive screening process, we were able to a shortlist the most suitable candidates to the client. They wanted to move forward with all shortlisted candidates and after an interview process, we successfully placed four people in one team to fill the multiple support positions required.

Each candidate had a unique area of expertise including data analysis and medical writing. This diversity of expertise allowed the candidates to work together effectively within their respective niches and contribute to the delivery of IVDR.



Following a quick turnaround, all four candidates were contracted and began working within a short time of each other. The client reported that the candidates had integrated effectively as a team and have been working hard to update all the product information. The knowledge these candidates possess has been essential to the client, allowing them to comply with these new regulations.

Since this project, the client has contacted us about several other open positions, and we have been considered for all their consulting needs across EMA.

They took into account everything we asked for, we will be using these services again."

Name: Hiring Manager

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