Quality & Regulatory Freelancer

A fast-growing digital health start-up was struggling to find a VP of Quality and Regulatory to run their European operations.


The position required a niche senior skillset and candidates of this calibre are subject to long notice periods meaning prolonged time without these responsibilities being conducted. 



There were two objectives to solve here; 1. Finding a suitable senior candidate, 2. Solving the immediate need for this skillset. Through discussions with the client, it was apparent that this need was urgent to further growth targets and progression in the company. We offered an immediate solution through proposing a freelancer that from experience could be onboarded and start working within 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, whilst the freelancer undertook the bulk of the workload, we were able to spend time to find a perfect fit for the permanent VP position. Whilst the candidate worked through their notice period, the freelancer was able to get everything set up making an easy entry for the full-time employee. 



Within 24 hours, we were able to provide suitable profiles for the freelancer temporary support who started in the position within 2 weeks. The clients immediate need was fulfilled. The permanent VP was then able to join the team with the knowledge that the basis was set up and they were also able to meet with the freelancer to set out the right objectives in anticipation of their start at the company. 

We were seriously impressed with the quick turnaround of this placement

President of Quality and Regulatory

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