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  • Callum Sparkes, Consultant

    "Since I started at Catalyst Life Sciences the training and mentoring that has been invaluable. They have a great culture that integrates new staff very quickly and I actually look forward to coming to work every day. The training at Catalyst is second to none, with one-to-one mentoring and coaching, group training sessions and even the CEO taking any opportunity to support you along your journey. I look forward to being a part of this business for many years to come."

    Callum Sparkes, Consultant ,

  • Joe Lane, Principal Consultant

    I joined JCW a few years ago and have been promoted three times during my time here. The main reason this has happened is that the training I have received the whole way through has been brilliant. From the first academy right through the manager training programme run by our CEO Jamie. A principal focus at JCW is on becoming an expert in your own niche market and this really helps to build strong client and candidate relationships. I feel I really understand the area in which I recruit in and this allows me to be much more consultative to the people I speak to every day."

    Joe Lane, Principal Consultant ,

  • Cheikh Khoule, Associate Consultant

    I joined Catalyst Life Sciences earlier this year and I really enjoy it. I love that all the teamwork as one, from Associate level to Directors’. There has never a time when someone refused to give someone else a helping hand or advice. I really couldn’t expect better for my first role in the city. The smart casual dress code, the music and the standing desks are just bonuses on top of the fantastic working environment offered at Catalyst. As an ambitious French man, I always dreamed about having a place in the city of London. Even better, I now realise with Catalyst that the world is your oyster once you are walking with the right team, the right training, and the right mindset. I’m now very excited and motivated about my future. I’d say both professionally and personally, Catalyst gives you the best chance to grow and be successful.

    Cheikh Khoule, Associate Consultant ,

  • Validation Specialist

    I was apprehensive about starting a job search but my consultant Bobby was so helpful. He explained what was happening in the current job market and what was working well for other people with my skills and experience and why. What stood out for me was that instead of throwing random jobs at me he took the time to establish what kind of projects I wanted to work on to develop my career and what companies were best for me. He was very hands-on throughout the process and always kept in touch which I really appreciated.

    Validation Specialist,

  • Senior Quality Assurance Officer

    "I recommend Catalyst Life Sciences because I appreciated my consultant’s honesty throughout the job search process and the way he managed my expectations. He explained in a very candid manner about what each role would entail and why working at each company would and wouldn’t be a good fit for me. As he said, there’s no point in dressing up a role like it was best for me because 6 months down the line the honeymoon period and excitement over a new role would wear off. The role they placed me in was definitely the best choice for me and having that genuine interaction and communication style with my consultant really helped me get the best company match. I’m really happy with my new job, it was by far the best decision."

    Senior Quality Assurance Officer,

  • Regulatory Affairs Director

    "My consultant Will, worked round the clock to help me fill a role that I was under pressure to fill fast. I was impressed because he had a thorough technical understanding of what I wanted without me having to explain everything all the time. He knew precisely who to go for and it definitely wasn’t a ‘one candidate fits all’ situation. He sent me 4 easy to read CVs and I took 3 to interview. I’m pleased with the candidate that I hired and will definitely be giving Catalyst Life Sciences a call again as my team grows."

    Regulatory Affairs Director,

  • Quality Affairs Manager

    "I highly recommend Catalyst Life Sciences because I turned to them after I made a few hiring mistakes that I wanted to avoid moving forward. The first thing my consultant did was to establish what I didn’t want in a candidate and where I had gone wrong in the past. I thought that was a really impressive approach as the qualification criteria for my vacancies are usually similar. Through this approach, my consultant was able to vet accordingly. I interviewed 3 people, and I was in the fortunate position of being able to pick the best candidate from a candidate pool where all seemed like a really good match."

    Quality Affairs Manager ,