Multinational orthopaedic company

A multinational Orthopaedic client contacted us about a role that has been created as a result of the growth in their EU operations. This expansion and high workload required temporary support to assist with business operations.


The US hiring manager instructed us to source a French speaking candidate with experience in drafting and negotiating contracts in the clinical space. The role was a six-month contract where the successful candidate would come into the business to work on drafting and negotiating contracts.



We were tasked with finding a candidate who had specific knowledge of contract negotiation and was fluent in multiple languages. On top of this, the client also had a strict budget and wanted to find someone to start within two weeks. This presented a challenge as it is common in the industry for candidates to have a three month notice period so anyone we were considering needed to be available to onboard almost immediately. Using LinkedIn, we headhunted professionals who were already working in similar roles. We came across a candidate who was in their notice period and interested in transitioning to a contract position. As this candidate had previously only worked in permanently positions, it was imperative that we ensured they were fully committed to this transition before proceeding with the hiring process.



Following the interview process, the candidate expressed strong interest in the role. We worked with both the candidate and the client to finalise the terms and the candidate accepted the offer. The client has since provided positive feedback on the candidate's performance and integration into the team and company culture. We have established a good working relationship with this client and continue to collaborate with them on similar recruitment efforts.

The role was very specific and they nailed it. We felt understood, there was great communication, we look forward to working together in the future.

Name: Hiring Manager, United States

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