Wellbeing that works

Workplace wellbeing relates to all parts of our working lives. The environment we work in, the culture we experience, and our feelings about the work we do. 

As global talent experts, we help firms build teams and create environments for people to thrive. That’s why our responsibility extends beyond our own employees, to include our customers and communities too, and why workplace wellbeing is now a key part of our overall business purpose.

More than a buzzword

Supporting the wellbeing of our team is the most important responsibility that businesses have. When people are respected, listened to and fully supported, they are able to give their best in the workplace and become part of a people-based culture. We work with our customers and communities to create environments where people can thrive.

Wellbeing in the workplace report

This report explores how mental wellbeing is being addressed in the workplace, taking findings from a cross-industry survey to discover what employees value in terms of support, and what employers are doing, or can do better, to improve mental wellbeing.

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Customer & community wellbeing

Wellbeing in the workplace isn’t just about our employees, but about ensuring everyone we work with has access to the information and knowledge needed to improve their own wellbeing. Our Wellbeing that Works initiative supports our customers and communities through:

Employee Assistant Programme

24/7 support for all contractors that work through JCW Group to provide additional wellbeing support through a library of resources and access to trained professionals.

Executive coaching

We’ll provide two complimentary career coaching sessions to every candidate we place as part of our retained search model.

Wellbeing content

Our whitepapers, webinars and videos focused on highlighting wellbeing best practice will be made available exclusively to our clients and communities.

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