Keeping track of the effectiveness and safety of existing treatments is a critical role. We can help you source clinical and pharmacological experts to help support your organisation’s management of these key issues.

Our expertise

Detecting, tracking and understanding the adverse effects of any kind of medication or treatment is of fundamental importance to the sector. Part of most regulatory processes, it’s essential to ensuring the ongoing safety and efficiency of treatments. Pharmacovigilance is particularly important once a drug or treatment has been approved, as it helps organisations to see how their product is working on a wider scale than pre-approval trials.

Involving a wide range of processes, from ongoing risk assessment to clinical analysis, this discipline needs qualified and experienced people who have an in-depth understanding not just of the science, but of the regulatory requirements and the quality processes that are needed to safeguard the public.

We have a network of clinically-expert, experienced specialists who have relevant pharmacovigilance capabilities and skills and who can help your organisation fulfil its responsibilities to regulators, government departments, agencies and those who deliver and use your products.

Specifically, we recruit in the following areas:

  • Audit
  • Case Processing
  • Clinical
  • Physicians
  • Post Market
  • Project Management
  • QPPV
  • Risk Management
  • Signal Detection
  • Triage

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Callum Sparkes


Callum Sparkes
Senior Consultant

Joe Lane


Joe Lane
Associate Director


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