80’s night at The JCW Group and The Street Fighter Championships for a good cause!


Nicola Lawler

Catalyst Life Sciences and the JCW Group in London rewound the clock for our 80’s evening. The team pulled out all the stops with the Ghostbusters team, MC Hammer, punk rockers, Pac-Man, Rubix Cube ,80’s keep fit girls and 80's dancers out for the night. 

The evening also included 80’s karaoke and the world-renowned JCW Street Fighter Championships to raise money for charity. Thirty-two of us took part in the championships in order to be crowned JCW Street Fighter Champion 2019, which raised a total of £320 on the night! 

Dan, Aman, Grace and our Senior Director, Alex as the Ghostbusters 

Gina and Nicola as Pac-Man and the Rubix Cube

Simon, Bobby, Tyler, Meisy, Alex and Kerry

Pulling faces!


Karaoke by Ricky complete with background dancers, Dan, Meisy and Hannah

JCW Street Fighter Champion!

Thirty-two entrants were whittled down to two for the final - our CEO Jamie Woods (on good authority that no one 'allowed' him to win - he's actually really good) and our Deji Kups in a nail-biting final.  


...and the winner and JCW Street Fighter Champion was DEJI KUPS! Well done, Deji! 

With huge thanks to our business support team below for putting on a great evening!

Would you like to join us next time? JCW is hiring. Give our Talent Acquisition Manager, Gemma Hartley a call on +44 (0) 203 589 9287 or email gemma.hartley@jcwresourcing.com for more about a career at the JCW Group, today. 

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