Our Annual Skiing Trip.


Nicola Lawler

Each year, every member of the senior team across all of the JCW recruitment brands including Catalyst Life Sciences attends our annual skiing trip! 

This time senior managers of our team were whisked away to the Meribel Ski Resort in Switzerland for a long weekend. There were some impressive moves and some, really not. There was the obligatory skiing tumble and some who opted to enjoy the snow indoors with gaming and hot wine..... 

At Catalyst Life Sciences we operate under the mantra that people don't leave bad companies, they leave bad managers! This is why we take the time to train and look after our managers so they can provide the best support they can to their teams. 

We don't just limit fun trips abroad to senior staff though, people at every level at Catalyst Life Sciences get the opportunity to go away with the company on merit. If you joined, I wonder where you'd go first?  

If you are interested in joining Catalyst Life Sciences, please contact our Talent Acquisition Manager, Joe Ruler, on +44 (0) 0203 589 9300 or email joe.ruler@jcwresourcing.com today.