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​About US

Trusted by Talent 

Catalyst Life Sciences provide a bespoke recruitment service placing the brightest minds into technical and regulatory roles within the life sciences industry. With science and technology advancing at the fastest time in history, an ageing population and a testing political climate, skilled people in the technical and regulatory sector are in demand. 

We fill roles across the following job markets: 

Quality & Validation | Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety | Medical Affairs & Medical Information |   Regulatory Affairs | Clinical Trials

Why Catalyst Life Sciences?  

We are a specialist recruitment business who focus entirely on distinguishing the needs of people like you. This means that we can guide you with the extensive market insight that comes from a specialised company and remain one step ahead of you throughout your recruitment journey. Both candidates and clients should take advantage of our rich global network an expect an efficient and seamless service as a result of our business being totally emersed in your market.

We started out as part of the life sciences division at JCW in 2012.  In 2018, we branched out of JCW and became Catalyst Life Sciences. Our mission is to be trusted by talent in the life sciences industry, so you should expect to receive an exceptional service shaped by the market, for the market.



Our Success Stories

  • Validation Specialist

    I was apprehensive about starting a job search but my consultant Bobby was so helpful. He explained what was happening in the current job market and what was working well for other people with my skills and experience and why. What stood out for me was that instead of throwing random jobs at me he took the time to establish what kind of projects I wanted to work on to develop my career and what companies were best for me. He was very hands-on throughout the process and always kept in touch which I really appreciated.   

    Validation Specialist,

  • Senior Quality Assurance Officer

    "I recommend Catalyst Life Sciences because I appreciated my consultant’s honesty throughout the job search process and the way he managed my expectations. He explained in a very candid manner about what each role would entail and why working at each company would and wouldn’t be a good fit for me. As he said, there’s no point in dressing up a role like it was best for me because 6 months down the line the honeymoon period and excitement over a new role would wear off. The role they placed me in was definitely the best choice for me and having that genuine interaction and communication style with my consultant really helped me get the best company match. I’m really happy with my new job, it was by far the best decision."      

    Senior Quality Assurance Officer,


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